The following is a partial listing of clients. Contact me by email if you would like a consultation on how I can assist you.

Angel Horses
Blankets and Bears
Boy Scouts of America
Healthy By Design
Instruments For Kids
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis
Salvation Army
Seattle Hospitals
Tour de Fleur – Billings TrailNet
Wishing Star Foundation

For profits:
Advanced Computer Systems
Amgen, Inc
Analytical Software, Inc.
Boeing Computer Systems
Boxhill Farm Nursery
Celtic Bayou Restaurant
CTS International
Egghead Software
Ernst and Young, LLP
Farwest Ireland Brewing Company, Inc
Genesis 2000, Inc.
Heritage Mortgage
Howard S. Wright Construction
Jazz Alley Restaurant
Malden House Publishers
Marriott Services
Merrill Lynch
Microsoft Consulting Services
OrderByte, Inc
Petpros, Inc
Pinnacle Publishing
Pinney Designs
Pioneer Computers
Productive Data Solutions
Seattle Publishing Group
Sergio Valente
Transtector Systems
Tri-W Distributors
Vaughan Seed Co.