5 Year Anniversary, New Directions and a Challenge for Local Businesses

I created Passionate Copy in June of 2008. This makes my 8th successful business I have started from scratch. The intention was to provide copywriting, web design and marketing services to small businesses who wanted to get back to grass roots relationship marketing. I have met and worked with some great clients, and run across a few boneheads that will never get it. There has been some ups and downs like most businesses go thru, but overall, am still here and thriving.

To celebrate five years, I wanted to change focus a little, and decided to incorporate Cause Marketing in the services I offer. Cause Marketing can take a business back to grass roots by developing long term relationships with valued customers. It shows the passionate side of a business and why they exist. It also shows how a business actively supports the community it serves.

In order to reach my goals, I am supplementing my current income by working some extra hours at a local company as a customer service associate. The company I chose to work for is Cenex Zip Trip. I like their enthusiasm for wanting to be part of the community and how they contribute back.

One of the programs they participate in is the Backpacks for Kids with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army uses the funds to purchase backpacks and fill them with essential school supplies for children in need. Last year, Cenex Zip Trip helped raise over $31,000 in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, and Billings, Mt.

To do my part, I am donating 15% of my paycheck for the month of July ($225) towards this program.

I am also challenging all my Facebook and Linkedin business connections to match this donation. As an incentive, if you match or exceed my donation, I will gift you with double your donation in consulting services ($450+ value). I am limiting this to the first 20 businesses that match my donation and contact me directly.

Just go to the nearest Cenex Zip Trip next time you need to get gas or other items, make your donation inside. Private message me what store you went to and your contact info, I will then get in touch to schedule an appointment for your consultation.

If you can’t match my donation, but can contribute a smaller amount, the kids will be excited and you will have done the right thing. For all businesses who donate $25 or more and help me reach a personal goal of $4500, I will provide you with a pre-release copy of my new marketing book which will be publicly available in the fall. This will have a value of $150, and cover topics like Cause Marketing, email campaigns, social media marketing, and web design – with proven tools and tactics to increase your business.

I will also be creating and distributing PR material that will include all companies that help me contribute and reach the goal of $4500.

Help me help the kids, and in return I will help you rev up your marketing.

Thank you for your help and support.

David McCauley
Passionate Copy
“If You Rebel, Rebel with Passion”